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Waldeck – innovative since 1868

We know that successful collaboration is based on respectful interaction. That is the only way to make our customers feel comfortable with us in the long run. To make this work, we put our faith in a spirit of partnership, and straightforward cooperation on equal terms.

There are numerous and, above all, good reasons for the growing success of Waldeck: specializing in the healthcare market and always close to the customer, this middle-sized family business managed by Wilhelm Wahlig is in particular characterized by its personal commitment, its great affinity for changing market requirements and its proverbial high quality and soundness in the four multi-service and powerful core businesses of contract logistics, production, laboratory services, and contract filling.

Meeting the challenges of our time and those of the market has also been the top priority of our company management.

According to Mr Wahlig it proves beneficial that Waldeck is not one of the really great service providers in the healthcare sector. In this way, he says, the company is able to respond to customer requests quickly and flexibly at all times. He is convinced that short communication channels, maximum flexibility with regard to the processing of orders as well as modular packages tailored to the customers’ individual needs are guarantees for a high degree of customer satisfaction and continually growing demand.

With his proverbial preference for IT-optimized, lean processes in the company, Mr. Wahlig wants to achieve the objective of ensuring transparency along the entire value chain, in order to provide customers with a trustworthy basis for performing their business transactions. This produces the fine result of long-standing customer relationships that are built on a safe and solid foundation.

“We meet challenges with our expertise, a good portion of passion, and plenty of inventiveness,” as the boss says. “Our highly qualified employees and a network of valuable partnerships that has developed over decades make it possible for us to continue our tradition-steeped history of success while making a profit”.

Wilhelm Wahlig, Shareholder Managing Director of Waldeck GmbH & Co. KG

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Milestones in our company history

Extension of cooling capacities, taking different temperature ranges into consideration

Start of collaboration with AMCOL Health & Beauty Solutions, Illinois USA, distribution of raw materials for cosmetics manufacturers in Europe

Start of storage and distribution of cosmetic products and perfumery products to the food retail industry, drugstores, and perfumery specialist retailers

Commissioning of the company by Ceva Tiergesundheit GmbH to supply veterinary surgeons and pharmaceutical wholesale dealers with veterinary medicinal products

Takeover of machines and trademark rights for the production of special coated microscope slides from Roche (formerly Boehringer Mannheim). The product has been known for years under the name of “Testsimplets” and is now distributed globally from Münster.

Storage and distribution of raw materials for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries on behalf of S.Black (today Azelis), extension of the company’s services to include the production division for the filling and packaging of amino acids and other chemical products for the industrial and research fields.

Replacement and repair of over 60,000 computer monitors for MAXDATA

Distribution of the former Bayer product groups “Autan” and “Baygon” to the food retail industry and drugstores

Start of the distribution of medical products with pharmaceuticals to hospitals (Oxystem for Messer Griesheim)

Storage, stock picking to make up orders, and shipment of food supplements for pharmacies on behalf of VitaElan (Klöckner Pentapack)


Focus on distribution and production, outsourcing of the specialized laboratory trade

Certification in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9000 et seq.

Start of the distribution of medicinal and cosmetic products for pharmacies

Acceptance of the storage and distribution of hazardous substances on behalf of other laboratory specialist dealers

Commissioning of the central distribution centre with a certified hazardous substances depot

Start of the distribution service – Boehringer Mannheim GmbH was with us as one of the first customers from the very start, the scope of our services rendered covering the acceptance of orders by phone to the settlement of receivables, including warehousing, stock picking to make up orders, and the organization of shipping operations.

Wilhelm Wahlig joins the company

The company expands and in the following years establishes branch offices in Hamburg, Munich, and Nuremberg. By the take-over of further companies in Karlsruhe, at Kerpen near Cologne, and Hanau near Frankfurt, the Waldeck Group is established. Growth leading to the company becoming a laboratory specialist dealer for medical, technical, and scientific laboratories.

The brothers Franz and Dr. Tom Wahlig join the company

Take-over by Dr. Ing. Wilhelm Wahlig

Foundation of Waldeck GmbH & Co. by Arnold Waldeck in Münster. At first, Waldeck is a company dealing with drugs, dyes, and materials, with a small production department. The first customers include scientific institutes and laboratories of the University of Münster, dyeing factories and tanneries. The steady expansion of the company ensures secure employment to an increasing number of employees from the city and its surrounding area. Just before the turn of the century, the company can already pride itself on having approx. 50 employees.

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What speaks in our favour…

  • We offer you careful and budget-conscious specialist advice from our capable employees.
  • We deliver promptly and precisely according to your trading partners’ specifications.
  • We comply with safety regulations extremely meticulously and we supply both large and small quantities reliably on demand.


  • We guarantee dedicated contact staff for our business partners.
  • We see ourselves as our customers’ partners, on an equal footing, along the entire value chain.
  • We integrate our customers into our information software setup in order to exchange all the relevant information, data, and statistics.

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