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Powerful Waldeck brands Ready-to-use products for the healthcare sector

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Ossa Fixona®

Ossa Fixona® is a fast, conservative, simultaneous fixation and decalcifying solution for preparing bone for histological examination. The time required for decalcification depends on sample thickness.

Subsequent neutralisation is not required and the decalcified tissue can be further treated using standard techniques. In contrast to other decalcification methods, Ossa Fixona® enhances haematoxylin staining. You will benefit from samples with above average preservation and staining of haematopoietic cells.

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Testsimplets® are ready-to-use slides coated with standardised stains for cost-effective differential-diagnostic microscopy. They are easy and clean to use with no staining procedure, and are ideal for blood smears for differential blood counts. Other areas of use include carcinoma cytology, urinary cytology, cerebrospinal fluid cytology, nasal cytology and spermatozoa staining. Testsimplets® are particularly useful for examining single samples and small series of samples. The use of chemically pure stains at a constant ratio applied uniformly to the slide guarantees even staining of consistently high quality.

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Chroma® stains

Stains, stain mixes and stain solutions for microscopy and diagnostics.

CHROMA® stains are another strong Waldeck brand and a popular, proven alternative to premium products for microscopy and diagnostic work.

Decades of experience have gone into the manufacture of our products. This is your guarantee for products of consistently high quality. We source all our raw materials from reliable, long-standing partners. Our raw materials are subjected to intensive testing, processed into CHROMA® products, and only then made available for sale. Current customers include hospitals, medical laboratories and scientific institutes.

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BLR – Products

Best Liquid Reagents direct from our laboratory.

Our Best Liquid Reagents (BLR) encompass a broad range of branded laboratory reagents and liquids. We use our long-standing expertise to manufacture high quality BLR products in our own Waldeck laboratory. Take advantage of our wide range of reagents. We offer the right solution for many different areas of application.

Our best-selling BLR products include Isoton cell wash solution, Aqua Bidestillata and Deionisata Waldeck, 4% formaldehyde solution, technical grade 10% and 32% sodium hydroxide solutions, various custom solutions, pH 4.00 and 7.00 buffer solutions, technical grade 99.5% acetone, 70% ethanol denatured with MEK and acetone, technical grade 70% and 99.6% isopropyl alcohol, Walkol Alkohol min. 96% ethanol denatured with 1% MEK, and many other wet chemical solutions. Our BLR products are also distributed by our affiliate Diagonal.

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