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Waldeck – laboratory services Pipette service and ion exchange resin regeneration

Reliable, precise, effective. Waldeck offers a reliable service for your pipettes and ion exchangers. Take advantage of our many years of expertise and our additional services. We are your expert, qualified service partner.

The pipette service in our laboratory is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2018 and focuses on the ISO 8655-compliant maintenance, cleaning, calibration and quality testing of all common brands of pipette. Our ion exchange resin regeneration service involves reliably replacing used mixed bed resins with regenerated resins and ensures that your ion exchangers regain full functionality within just a few days.

At Waldeck, we pride ourselves on providing a service which is thorough and customer-focused.


Pipette service

Precise measuring equipment ensures reliable laboratory results.

Your one-stop shop for maintenance, calibration and quality testing. With our extensive experience, our pipette service precisely and reliably calibrates and adjusts all common brands of pipette in accordance with ISO 8655.

All pipettes are completely disinfected and cleaned and the integrity of seals and O-rings checked. In addition to standard calibration, we can also offer an accredited calibration service on request. We provide you with a test report containing precise information on the results of our work. In consultation with the customer, our repair and pipette service can also perform any required repairs. We are happy to collect and return your pipettes via our collection and delivery service.


Ion exchange resin regeneration

Convenient, fast, extremely reliable service.

We can fill all standard cartridges with mixed bed resins. Take advantage of our collection and delivery service for your cartridges. We analyse each mixed bed resin batch on receipt, append a test report on approval, then seal them and apply the Waldeck tamper-proof seal.

On request, we can also check the cartridge for leaks and damage on receipt.

Why choose us

  • Our expert staff offer expert, careful, cost-conscious advice.
  • We see ourselves as being in a partnership of equals with our customers.
  • We are meticulous in ensuring that all safety specifications are met and reliably ship small to medium quantities.


  • We deliver on time and exactly as agreed.
  • We guarantee all our business partners a named contact.
  • Thanks to our powerful, advanced IT infrastructure, we are able to guarantee that all contract and laboratory service processes are fully auditable and traceable.


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