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Your partner for the manufacture of wet chemical products

Waldeck is your service provider and partner for all aspects of contract manufacturing. The manufacture of wet chemical products is a core service at Waldeck, and our expertise, product quality and reliability in this area are second to none. Our product portfolio encompasses a wide variety of laboratory products and organic solvents for a broad range of applications. In addition, we can also manufacture custom solutions to your required formulation. By specialising in products for the healthcare sector, Waldeck contract manufacturing benefits customers from the medical and scientific sectors in particular.

Our many years of contract manufacturing experience are a guarantee for outstanding solutions for your requirements.


Take advantage of our wide range of value-added services

Our advice combines our comprehensive specialist knowledge with a deep understanding of the market to maximise product quality at an optimum price-performance ratio.

With our passion for meeting your individual requirements, our lean decision-making structure and close-knit partnership, we ensure you get the best possible results fast.

Our facilities are equipped in accordance with the latest structural requirements for contract manufacturing.

Modern production machinery and highly trained staff ensure consistently high product quality. Our customers benefit from an ISO class 8 cleanroom, a filling area for solutions and liquids, and much more housed in a facility covering more than 1,200 m² of floor space.

We constantly strive to integrate innovative procedures and are continuously optimising our manufacturing processes.

For the demanding healthcare market in particular, this guarantees long-term cost optimisation, that the products we manufacture and services we provide for you are of the highest quality, and outstanding results always. We have been working for scientific institutes and laboratories since 1868 and offer you a level of performance that lets you build for the long term.

A wide variety of wet chemical products

Our contract manufacturing service manufactures a wide range of high quality wet chemical products. Our laboratory manufactures buffer solutions, custom solutions, formaldehyde solutions, inorganic solutions and many other aqueous solutions. Our liquid and aqueous solutions are used in a wide range of applications in the life science, medical, industrial, research and science fields. Our high quality wet chemical manufacturing is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485-certified, which means it has to meet strict criteria and undergo regular audits.

Our product portfolio at a glance

Laboratory products

  • Inorganic aqueous solutions such as isotonic saline solutions
  • Water: deionised and double-distilled water
  • Custom solutions such as sodium hydroxide, silver nitrate, mineral acids
  • Formaldehyde solutions
  • Buffer solutions

Organic solvents

  • Isopropanol, ethanol, acetone, and many others.

Our own brands:

  • BLR products (laboratory solutions and reagents)
  • Chroma® stains (stain solutions)
  • Testsimplets® (prestained slides)
  • Ossa Fixona® (simultaneous fixation and decalcifying solution)

Private label

  • Some of the above own brand products can also be filled in customer’s own containers and labelled with the customer’s own label.


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Manufacture of own brand products

We have a range of essential proprietary products and brands that have long been used to improve and facilitate the work of doctors, scientists and engineers.

We attach particular importance to making our products easy to use, enabling you to achieve precise results quickly and most importantly reliably. Our portfolio of special reagents enables every user to perform simple to complex diagnostic tests to guarantee patient safety. The high quality standards of our medical products and services facilitate efficient and thus highly cost-effective work processes.

We provide our customers with specialist knowledge and a high level of implementation expertise. For the demanding healthcare market in particular, this guarantees the highest quality products and services, cost optimisation and – the bottom line – outstanding results always.

In addition, we are laser-focused on safety in our production process. To eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination, the hygienic design of our laboratory equipment is a must, not an optional extra.

Private label

All of the above applies equally of course when it comes to private label products. Some of the own brand products from our portfolio listed below, for example, can also be filled in the customer’s own containers and labelled with the customer’s own labels. We are flexible in terms of meeting your requirements and can also provide you with expert advice. We can manufacture however many units you require. We can also modify the container as required. The final step is to apply your label to each product, so that you end up with a product made to your precise specifications. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information on private label products.

Contract manufacturing FAQs

Do you have questions about contract manufacturing? You can find the answer to many common questions in our FAQs.

Waldeck is mainly engaged in the contract manufacture of wet chemical products for the healthcare sector, i.e. predominantly liquid solutions.

We can manufacture batches of up to 1,200 litres. Here again we are your experts for small and medium volumes.

We source the raw materials we use for manufacturing from selected, competent suppliers. If you wish to supply your own raw materials or want to use raw materials from your own suppliers that’s no problem, but please discuss this with us.

For contract manufacturing, we need a product data sheet containing complete information about the product and a safety data sheet providing us with safety information for the substances and mixtures used.

Waldeck offers a complete contract manufacturing service. We can manufacture products using our own recipe or manufacture wet chemical solutions using a recipe supplied by the customer.

Waldeck does not conduct product research and development for its customers. You can, however, benefit from our powerful Waldeck brands, our BLR products, including laboratory solutions and reagents such as silver nitrate, sodium hydroxide, other custom solutions, various buffer solutions, organic solvents, etc.

Our focus is on the healthcare sector. We do not, however, manufacture medicines, and do not manufacture products for the food or cosmetics industries. Our main focus is on wet chemical products and selected medical devices. We have an excellent working knowledge of regulatory requirements such as EU 2017/745 (MDR), EU 2017/746 (IVDR) and other national implementing legislation.

All your information is treated as top secret and will be kept absolute confidential.

Our service areas in contract manufacturing

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