Contract filling

Contract filling

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Waldeck – contract filling Small and medium volumes

Experts in what you need

Waldeck offers custom contract filling solutions to ensure an efficient filling process, particularly for small and medium quantities.

Whether it’s for a promotional product that you intend to market as a one off or it’s about managing growing product volumes, we fill your products precisely and expertly.

Many years of experience and expertise in filling a wide variety of liquid products have led us to develop custom filling solutions able to meet the most wide-ranging customer requirements in full.

Flexibility and individuality ensure the success of your project!

Instead of industrial production, we offer custom contract filling of liquid chemical and medical solutions and pastes in your required batch size, even (or especially) for small to medium quantities. We fill glass or plastic jars, jerrycan containers, cans, bottles and syringes ranging in size from 10 ml to 25 l as per customer requirements. We can also fill 1 ml and other intermediate size containers. We can also realise one-off promotional products for you and help you meet short-term spikes in demand.

So why wait? Our rapidity and agility are your advantage.

Once all the components for manufacturing your order are in place, we can start contract filling immediately – with no delays and no lengthy setup times.

Our focus is always on value!

Innovative, forward-looking solutions ensure that implementing customer requirements at Waldeck is above all cost-effective. Because individuality still needs to be affordable!

Your choice of filling volumes

We can fill glass or plastic jars, jerrycan containers, cans, bottles and syringes.  If you need special volumes, numbers of units or delivery periods, please enquire.

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  • 10 ml / 25 ml / 50 ml / 100 ml
  • 250 ml / 500 ml / 750 ml / 1,000 ml
  • 1,500 ml / 2,000 ml / 2,500 ml
  • 5 l / 10 l / 15 l / 20 l / 25 l

We can also fill 1 ml and other intermediate size containers.

You deliver, we fill

You have a wet chemical product in bulk containers which needs to be filled into small containers? No problem – you deliver the solution and Waldeck will take care of contract filling into your smaller container of choice. Available containers include clear and amber glass 0.1 to 2.5 litre containers, plastic containers in various colours from 10 millilitres to 2,500 millilitres, jerrycan containers up to 25 litres and other containers in various intermediate sizes. In addition to standard containers, we also offer bespoke solutions as required, such as plastic containers in a selected or corporate colour (where commercially available), based entirely on your specifications.

Waldeck fills a wide range of wet chemical liquid products – from hydrochloric acid and buffer solutions to silver nitrate, sodium hydroxide and other aqueous solutions. For more information, ask us today!

Contract filling FAQs

Do you have questions about contract filling? You can find the answer to many common questions in our FAQs.

We perform contract filling of all types of wet chemical products and liquids – inorganic liquid solutions, buffer solutions, formaldehyde solutions, custom solutions, and many others.

We can fill a broad spectrum of solutions manufactured in-house into a wide range of different-sized containers in batches of up to 1,200 litres. When delivering products for filling, the maximum filling size of the individual bulk containers supplied to us is an IBC with a maximum volume of 1,000 litres. Our filling solutions are designed specifically for small and medium volumes, not for large tanker deliveries.

You can choose from PET or glass bottles, jars, syringes, jerrycan containers, cans, etc. We don’t just offer standard containers, we can also accommodate custom requirements.

With the exception of substances classed as explosive or biohazardous, we can fill hazardous substances on our premises in compliance with applicable safety regulations. Whether we are able to handle a hazardous substance will be decided on the basis of the GHS hazard class of the individual substance. We will be happy to discuss contract filling options with you.

We can fill your liquid solutions into containers ranging in size from 10 millilitres to 25 litres. We can also fill 1 ml and other intermediate size containers.

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