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Contract logistics – production – filling

  • You are totally enthusiastic about your own start-up, for instance in the online commerce sector? We are your enabler for strategic growth.
  • You have an exciting product idea? We are happy to assess and advise you right from the start, making sure that you can get off to a safe and successful start.
  • You prefer to invest your time in the ongoing development of your product? Then let us deal with the rest, from storage to shipment.
  • You want to show yourself from your best side – we can arrange some promotional add-ons for you, e.g. enclosures to be attached, the distribution of flyers, product compositions specially tailored to your final customers, etc., etc.

You think: “As a start-up company we cannot afford this” – but we offer lean terms specially for small and micro-enterprises.

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Great idea. And now?

A start-up looking towards a successful future.

Almost every start-up is a fresh, young company that is fired up about its innovative business idea. If the idea is great, thorough planning can generate high growth potential. But then every start-up company has its very own development potential due to the wide variety of business approaches.

We at Waldeck consider this a fascinating fact and we are always willing to listen to the needs and requirements for support of young start-up companies. If the idea is great, we are open-minded towards innovative projects.

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We are your business enabler, we give you advice, we will develop your start-up together with you and, as your powerful partner, we can make our entire infrastructure available to you. From storage to our IT, plus stock picking to make up orders, accounts receivable management, shipping, returns management and other valuable add-ons. Everything from one single source, transparent and individually tailored to your success.

Further services in the various sectors:

Contract logistics Production Contract filling

What speaks in our favour…

  • We offer you careful and budget-conscious specialist advice from our capable employees.
  • We deliver promptly and precisely according to your trading partners’ specifications.
  • We comply with safety regulations extremely meticulously and we supply both large and small quantities reliably on demand.


  • We guarantee dedicated contact staff for our business partners.
  • We see ourselves as our customers’ partners, on an equal footing, along the entire value chain.
  • We integrate our customers into our information software setup in order to exchange all the relevant information, data, and statistics.

You have an exciting product idea?

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