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Waldeck – production with expertise

Guarantees top quality to cater for the challenging health market.

For our partners in medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory and cosmetic companies, we produce and bottle chemicals, diagnostic agents, cosmetic products and also chemists’ and OTC articles.

In the process we provide our customers with accurate expert know-how and capability when it comes to execution. Especially in the challenging health market, this guarantees the highest quality standards for our products and services, cost optimization, and, in the final analysis, excellent results in our work at all times. Waldeck’s operations are systematically geared to safety in the production process; consequently, the hygienic design of our laboratory equipment is an absolute must and not a mere option when it comes to robustly preventing any cross-contamination.

At Waldeck, reliability and sustainability are the pillars maintaining a customer relationship pursued in a spirit of trust and partnership.

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Continuity in the health products division

Strong roots for the production of Waldeck’s own in-house products

In 1868, Arnold Waldeck laid the groundwork for the present-day company in Münster. Even then, his first customers included scientific institutes and Münster University laboratories, and dyeing plants and tanneries. The Waldeck company has remained true to this principle, even following the takeover by the Wahlig family.

Redesign of our laboratory and production premises

To maintain continuity in the health products division, in the last five years a great deal of capital expenditure has been systematically carried out on the extension and redesign of our premises based on state-of-the-art benchmarks. A clean room area (ISO clean-room class 8) and an area for filling solutions and liquids and a great deal more, both covering more than 1,200 sq m, are now available to meet our customers’ needs.

Our range of products

Waldeck has, in its product range, a series of essential products that demonstrably support the operations of physicians, natural scientists and engineers.

In our products we have attached particular importance to simplicity of utilization in order to enable results to be achieved rapidly and, above all, safely. Our range of special reagents enables every user to carry out a simple to complex diagnosis in order to guarantee patient safety.

The high quality standards both of our medicinal products and of our services hold out the promise of an efficient and hence extremely economical work process.

Our range of products

Laboratory products

  • Inorganic aqueous solutions such as physiological saline solutions
  • Water: de-ionized and doubly-distilled water
  • Standard solutions, such as caustic soda, silver nitrate, mineral acids
  • Formaldehyde solutions
  • Buffer solutions

Organic solvents

  • Isopropanol, ethanol, acetone, etc.

Medical products

  • Ultrasound gel – for external use only

In vitro diagnostic agents:

  • Colour-coated microscope slides
  • Colour solutions
  • Fixatives
  • Decalcifiers

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What speaks in our favour…

  • We offer you careful and budget-conscious specialist advice from our capable employees.
  • We deliver promptly and precisely according to your trading partners’ specifications.
  • We comply with safety regulations extremely meticulously and we supply both large and small quantities reliably on demand.


  • We guarantee dedicated contact staff for our business partners.
  • We see ourselves as our customers’ partners, on an equal footing, along the entire value chain.
  • We integrate our customers into our information software setup in order to exchange all the relevant information, data, and statistics.

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