Modular concepts for companies in the healthcare market.

Modular concepts for companies in the healthcare market.

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Waldeck contract logistics

We’re there for you whenever you need us!

A detailed analysis of your company’s needs always marks the start of our collaboration.
We listen, explain, and show in what ways we can efficiently support you along the entire process chain with our extensive experience and our know-how. We take the time to explain our well-established working method to you in detail. We look forward to welcoming you to our company premises so that you can get to know us personally. We will show you our warehouse and distribution facilities and select the options that are suitable for you.

Customized special solutions are our stock-in-trade, our employees are skilled unconventional thinkers with the gift of being able to look beyond the established boundaries. Here, we always follow our top principle – reliability in completing our work on time and within the customers’ cost budgets.

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Flexible warehouse management with individual stock picking to make up orders.

Whether we are dealing with normal goods, chilled cargo, hazardous material or palletized goods – a precise and well-organized warehouse management concept from the identification of the goods to their shipment, including their storage, provides the basis for your success. Our high-performance warehouse management guarantees the shortest and most economical paths, cost-efficiency vis-à-vis our customers being one of our top priorities.

We develop agile, individual warehouse strategies, carry out quality inspections and manage sales returns reliably and quickly. Our advanced IT structure serves to control the process of stock picking to make up orders and manage outgoing goods dynamically and optimally in real time. In this way, we ensure that data exchange with all systems is always up to date.

We regularly provide our customers with detailed reports on all efficient flows of goods in our warehouse, from incoming goods to shipment, including packaging and stock picking to make up orders.

Furthermore, we support you by providing you with an effective returns management system, precisely tailored to your needs. Apart from the reception of returned goods, this also includes evaluation and preparation of the goods, if necessary. All this helps us optimize the process chain between our warehouse and your final customers with our customary reliability.


Valuable add-ons

Individualized value-added services

We develop individual concepts with a clear value-added for our customers. What that means to us is flexible configuration thanks to a modular system in our value-added services. Our professional project management allows us to respond to the market rapidly and with agility in order to implement the individual requirements of our customers at any time in the exact configuration desired at that specific moment.
Whether in sets, bundles, or as POS displays tailored to match marketing campaigns in progress at that instant, as your partners we supply your products on demand along the entire value-added chain.

Our add-ons at a glance:

  • Product refinement
  • Packaging materials
  • Build on demand
  • POS Production


The reliable path to the customer

Once the order has been received, we make deliveries to our customers and consignees straightaway on the next work day. Our delivery partners are selected commercial freight partners that can also reliably deliver goods requiring cooling or constant temperatures and hazardous goods. And can do so throughout Europe. Of course, we also deal with customs and export procedures if need be.

To ensure your planning reliability, we use state-of-the-art data interchange systems. Thus, via Track & Trace, you are always informed
as to where your goods are located and when they are expected to arrive.

Our transport service at a glance:

  • Transportation of goods requiring cooling or constant temperatures and hazardous goods
  • Handling of customs and export procedures
  • Returns processing
  • Track & Trace

CUstomer Service

Our centre for optimum communication

Our staff are at your disposal with regard to all communicative services conducted on your behalf and using your company code. With a great deal of sensitivity we support you authoritatively when it comes to providing support for customers.

In a friendly manner and with great expertise we deal with all relevant call services relating to order execution, lead times, batches, or quantities released. With the product knowledge acquired with your assistance, we convey expertise and sensitivity in the sales field to our staff. Optimally trained and with a sound instinct regarding your specific concerns, we are present for your customers.

Our customer service at a glance:

  • Customer service
  • Dedicated product partners
  • Assistance with enquiries
  • Support with regard to all questions related to goods and order services
  • Communication via the customer’s own phone/fax numbers and email address

Receivables management

You can count on us

Waldeck tries to achieve real value-added for its business partners, including in the commercial back office. With our highly professional accounts receivable management, we deal with creditworthiness evaluation, issue invoices, and collect debts, while paying attention to adherence to deadlines and dealing with all accounting tasks.

A high-performance IT system, a transparent process, a seamless reporting system for our customers, as well as in-depth knowledge of the market make us the experts that promote the development of your business while simultaneously minimizing the risks associated with default.

Our receivables management system at a glance:

  • Creditworthiness evaluation
  • Issuing of invoices
  • Claims management
  • Reporting

Accounts payable management

If requested to do so, our experts will also attend to your accounts payable management.

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Production Laboratory services


What speaks in our favour…

  • We offer you careful and budget-conscious specialist advice from our capable employees.
  • We deliver promptly and precisely according to your trading partners’ specifications.
  • We comply with safety regulations extremely meticulously and we supply both large and small quantities reliably on demand.


  • We guarantee dedicated contact staff for our business partners.
  • We see ourselves as our customers’ partners, on an equal footing, along the entire value chain.
  • We integrate our customers into our information software setup in order to exchange all the relevant information, data, and statistics.

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